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50 Self-Care Affirmations For a Positive Mindset

Self-care is an important aspect of life as it helps us take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It means giving ourselves the same grace, compassion, and care that we give to others.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem and self-doubt, know that you are not alone. Self-care affirmations are the key to a healthy, happy and successful life. They are an amazing tool for feeling better about yourself and your place in the universe.

Below you’ll find a collection of 50 extremely powerful self-care affirmations that were specifically designed to allow you to appreciate and love yourself for who you are.

These are best said in the morning because it will set you up with a positive mindset for the day. You can also try saying your self-love affirmations right before bed.

Tips for getting the most out of these affirmations

Self-care Affirmations

I choose to be positive.

I will not take criticism personally.

I have a caring heart.

I acknowledge my own self-worth.

I feel profound empathy and love for others and their own unique paths.

I am empowered to create change in my life.

I am powerful, confident, and capable of reaching all my dreams.

I am magnificent.

I deserve to laugh and be carefree.

I am worthy of love from myself and others.

I am evolving everyday.

I am worthy of growth and development.

I deserve to feel safe and secure.

I am centered, peaceful, and grounded.

I feel beautiful, I am beautiful.

I honor my own life path.

I am overflowing with joy, vitality and energy.

Love rises from my heart in the face of difficulty.

I have wellbeing within me.

I am worthy of love and joy.

I attract only people who respect me.

I am free to make my own choices and decisions.

I deserve the best and I accept the best now.

Every day my self worth is growing.

I celebrate my many successes.

I deserve the best.

I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful.

I have everything I need.

I release any need for misery and suffering.

I deserve to be expressive and joyful.

I believe in the person I dream of becoming.

I was created for a purpose.

I adore and admire every part of my being.

I am worthy of feelings of passion and purpose.

I have worthiness within me.

I am worthy of having great relationships.

I wake up every morning feeling happy, confident and grateful to be alive.

The love within me flows through me in every situation.

I accept compliments easily.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am not my mistakes. I let go of my mistakes.

I am worthy of my dreams and goals.

I have a warm and caring heart.

I deserve to be treated with respect.

I have full power over my destiny.

I am more than my body.

I am loved by family and friends beyond comprehension.

I love myself unconditionally.

I am exactly who I need to be in this moment.

My dreams are within my reach.

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